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  • Testimonial 1

    “When I think about how I used to learn before I knew my learning style strengths…It was such a drag…….Now I am motivated to study, it takes far less time and my marks have gone right up……….” Craig G11 student.

  • Testimonial 2

    “Thank you for your passion and belief in Mark.
    Your programme has changed his whole approach to learning, his results and thus his confidence in his ability to achieve….it has changed his life………” Mother of G10 student.

  • Testimonial 3

    “There has been a huge improvement in Hannah’s reading….She received the ‘most improved in reading in her grade’ award at prizegiving………” Mother of G3 child.

  • Testimonial 4

    “I came not knowing what I wanted to do. I am leaving excited and sure of what I want to do……with a clear vision and goals…. I can’t wait………” Kate (G11)

  • Testimonial 5

    “After working overseas for five years I wanted to change direction but didn’t know what to do……… Then I was told about your programme. It was exactly what I needed… Robyn

  • Testimonial 6

    “As the owner of a business it has strengthened my sense of purpose and direction and given me huge insight into the individuals on my staff and how to best work with them…….” Andrew

  • Testimonial 7

    “The programme has given me back my confidence and self belief. I felt liftedto have my gifts identified, and setting goals. I am feeling so positive and excited for the future……….” Charmaine

What We Offer

Learning & Productivity Styles Programmes for all Ages (G1 – adult)

Primary school children,  high school and college/university students, parents, people in the workplace:

Want better results at school or work?
Find out how YOU learn, study and work best and you will maximise your learning potential!

  • IDENTIFY your inborn learning and working style strengths
  • LEARN strategies that match them
  • LEARN, STUDY and WORK more effectively
  • ACHIEVE better results
    Learn, study and work in the right way for you and see the difference!
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Reading Style Programme (G1 – 12) and Maths Style Programme (G1 -6)

Teaching children Reading and Maths through their learning style strengths has amazing results

  • IMPROVE reading and comprehension
  • STREGTHEN Maths understanding and competence
  • DO IT while while your child is still young.

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 Gifts and Careers Programmes (G9 – adult)

Choosing a career?   Choosing subjects?

  • IDENTIFY the inborn gifts that motivate YOU
  • FIND the careers that incorporate those gifts
  • EXPERIENCE joy, fulfilment and success in your career

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Designed 2 Win (An Adult Personal Development Programme)

Are you looking for purpose, focus, direction and joy in your life and your career?

  • IDENTIFY your inherent gifts, strengths and motivations
  • LEARN how to operate within your 'strength zone' and experience the fulfilment, joy and success that this brings.
  • CRYSTALISE a vision for your life
  • APPLY tools that will enable you get from where you are to where you want to be

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